Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Olivia

It was a fun and busy day.. Since Lee works graveyard, the kids woke me up at 9am to eat cake and open presents.. Oh brother!!!

While Lee was sleeping I took the kids to the indoor swimming pool where I stayed in the warm pool the entire time.. We met our neighbors there and had some fun.. =)

After the pool, we got changed and went to the high school where they had a Christmas thing going on.. We drank hot chocolate, Olivia got to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas, and we got to ride on a sleigh with 2 huge horses pulling it.. I took a picture of our neighbors Tiffinay, Dan, and Makyra that I thought was SO cute..

After Lee woke up, we went bowling.. It was a very busy day.. I was happy when the kids were in bed and I got to have some quiet time after this day.. =) Was a very good day though..

After Lee finally woke up, we took the kids bowling..

Kaleb Has Glasses...

At first he loved them, but now he hates them.. =) He sure does look smart in them.. I think they are adorable..