Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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Monday, September 29, 2008


So I got a call today from the casino I live near.. I am being interviewed for the Keno Attendant positioin.. *Sigh* I worked for a casino for almost 5 years and I really didn't want to go back.. I need a job though and my neighbor LOVES being a keno attendant.. So maybe I will like it.. I won't be there forever and that gives me hope..

Now there are things that I am concerned about.. What shift are they going to put me on?? Lee works nights.. Are they going to make me work during church time?? My luck yes.. Those are my main concerns.. I guess I will find out in 2 days..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Three White Dresses...

Ok one more.. I loved the poem of the Three White Dresses when I was younger..


a childs prayer

My favorite primary song..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Art Work..

I am not great, but here are a few things I did..

New home..

I was born in Utah, but moved to North Carolina when I was almost 5.. Lived there for 21 years.. Last month Lee and I packed the kids up and moved to Oregon.. I LOVE it here so much.. Other than missing my family, it is perfect for me.. We live 45 minutes from the beach.. We live right beside the school so the kids can walk to school.. We have a NICE indoor aquatic center.. There are 4 different pools in there.. The biggest has a diving board, rope swing, water slide (even for adults), lap swimming area, and volleyball area.. Next there is a pool with a lazy river and a huge kids fountain thing to play in.. The third would be the 98 degree pool, it is obviously hotter than the others.. They also have a small pool with smaller fountains and loads of bath water toys for ages 5 and under.. Then there is the hottub for ages 16 and up.. It is AWESOME.. We have a year pass for it, so we can go whenever we want (if it is open of course). The town is so nice and the people seem friendly as well.. We have enjoyed our ward also.. The church has 2 wards, so we were put in the second ward.. Church starts at noon.. We have already made friends that come over for dinner and games often.. We try to get together to have family home evening each week.. Lee got a job for the Oregon Lottery and I am still jobless atm.. I will be looking for a part time job somewhere.. Not sure yet.. We have Kaleb in boyscouts at the church and we are planning on getting Olivia into cheerleading.. She has been begging to be a cheerleader for so long now..

Reflection on Christ..


Sunday, September 21, 2008

BEGINNINGS (it says it all)

You came running
With a small specked egg
Warm in your hand
You can barely understand
I know
As I told you
Of Beginnings-
Of egg and bird;
Told, too,
That years ago
You began
Smaller than sight,
And then
As egg yearns for sky
And seed
Stretches to tree
You became
Like me.
But there's
So much more.
You and I,
Have just begun.
Worlds from now
What might we be-
Who are seed