Friday, October 31, 2008

All about Kaleb..

I rarely get a decent picture of Kaleb.. He hates getting his picture taken.. I thought this one was cute though.. He has such beautiful eyes.. His eyes are a dark blue and he has LONG black eyelashes..
Kaleb is SO smart.. In 1st grade Kaleb got first place out of ALL the 1st graders (3 classes) in the spelling bee.. In 2nd grade (out of 3 classes) he got 2nd place in the math competition (they gave him a shirt with his name on it).. Now in 3rd grade, he is in advanced reading and math.. He is captain of the battle of the books team and is bringing home 4th grade math that I am having trouble with (I need to go back to school).. It amazes me on how smart this kid is.. Not only is he extremely smart he is honestly a GOOD kid and person.. He strives to choose the right.. He rarely gets in trouble (occasional forgetting to close his mouth when he eats).. He is so caring and sensitive.. You have to be careful with him.. His feelings can get hurt easily.. I honestly believe he is going to make it far in life.. I honestly believe that he will go on a mission and that he will help many people.. He is truelly the best son I could have ever even thought to have.. I am lucky to be is mommy.. =)

Somewhat better picture of Olivia's LONG hair..

OK!! I am only adding this picture because it is a slightly better picture of Olivia's LONG beautiful hair that she so badly wanted chopped off.. Most is over her shoulder, but you can tell how long, shiny and straight it was.. I loved her long her.. Oh well, she looks much older now with her new cut.. She almost doesn't look like a little girl anymore..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So we finally did it.. We got our hair cut today.. Olivia's doesn't look much different, but it is shorter..

Her hair was braided and in piggytails earlier, so her hair looks funny in her before pictures.. =)

Scary I know.. I didn't get a before picture of me.. My hair is very fluffy if I don't straighten it or put gel in it.. Darn natural curls..

My new style.. Half straight and half crazy..

WOOT!! Olivia's first "real" haircut.. It went from her butt to right below her shoulders..

My first time with highlites.. What do you think?? I needed the haircut.. The hairdresser told me my hair is extremely healthy.. She said not that many people have extremely healthy hair anymore.. I think I just have A LOT of hair and it is CRAZY..

My talented husband..

This is a talent show that Lee and his friend were in.. They got 1st place.. $500.. I was laughing SO hard while taping this that the camera is shaking ALL over.. Oh yeah, they prepared this whole thing 2 hours before the show.. DORKS!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All about Lee

1. Where did you meet your husband? Tee Hee!! When I was 4 years old, my family moved from Utah to North Carolina.. We found a 2 story yellow house.. We also brought our large rectangle trampoline.. Well...... (I don't remember this, but Lee does) He said that he remembered when the "new" family with 5 kids moved in next door.. Him and his brother wanted to come over and play but were too scared.. Finally one day when I was jumping on the trampoline by myself with my (he has a good memory) "pink elephant shirt, blue jean shorts, piggy tails, and my red face" he got the courage to ask if he could jump with me.. He was 3 years older (my brothers age) and they became best friends.. Sad that I was too young to remember the first day I met him.. ; )
2. How long did you date before you got married? We have a LONG history.. We dated once when I was 13.. We kissed on that same trampoline lol.. My brother was mad and we broke it off.. We both kept those feelings for each other though and became really good friends.. He dated, I got married =O and after being in a HORRIBLE marriage for almost 5 years we started officially dating.. We had our good and bad moments.. We dated off and on for 2 and a half years before he FINALLY proposed..
3. How long have you been married? 3 years
4. What does he do that surprises you? Nothing surprises me with him.. I know him TOO well..
5. What is your favorite feature of his? His eyes.. They are blueish green.. I love them..
6. What is his best quality? His love for my kids..
7. Does he have a nickname for you? honey
8. What is his favorite food? Cheesy Chicken Crescent Rolls..
9. What is his favorite sport? football
10. When and where did you first kiss? On my trampoline when I was 13 and he was 16..
11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Play games
12. Do you have any children? 2 Kaleb and Olivia.. He may not be the biological dad, but he is their father..
13. Does he have any hidden talents? Hidden talents??????? This man can do anything and everything.. It makes me SO angry.. He can play ANY instrument you give him, he can sing like no one else, he can paint, he can create games on the internet, ok he can do just about anything and I am not exaggerating.. Why did he have to get ALL the talent??
14. How old is he? 29
15. Who said 'I love you' first? It was so long ago, but I am pretty sure that he did..
16. What is his favorite music? He is very picky about music.. If the artist has TALENT, I mean actual musical talent, not the normal hit songs that you would hear that always sounds the same.. He likes finding bands that not many people have heard of and listen to them..
17. What do you admire most about him? His dedication to me and the kids.. He gave up and changed SO much for us..
18. What is his favorite color? He doesn't know.. I have asked many times and he says "I don't know" red is his least favorite though..
19. Will he read this? He doesn't know my blog addy.. If he did, he still probably wouldn't bother.. He is not into blogging..
20. Who do you tag? Who ever wants to be tagged..

My poor camera..

I browse around on other blogs and I get jealous.. They always have awesome pictures of their kids and family and my blog seems so dull and boring.. I got a REALLY nice camera for $400 (way cheap for this camera) from someone a few years ago.. I bought it because I was flying out to Utah to see my grandpa and see the scenery of the state I was born in.. It had been 10 years since my last visit.. I barely remember much about Utah because I was 4 when we moved to NC and I had only visited a few times.. Well before I even made it to Utah I was running to catch a plane (that I missed) and hit my brand new camera on a chair.. It broke.. Just a small piece of it though.. So I can take pictures, but I can't view the pictures that I take.. I can't change the scenery, whether it be person, landscape, fast motion, video etc... I can't view the pictures to delete the bad ones.. It is a pain.. I hardly bother with my camera because of this, but it still works nicely and I am sure that if I found the right place, I could get it fixed.. I guess I should stop being irritated with it and stop complaining about it and just take some darn pictures to put on my blog.. I just wish it worked the way it should.. It is SO nice.. I can't believe I broke it before I even got to play around with it.. It has so many NICE features that I can't even use.. *sigh*

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My day off..

Yay!! I had a day off of work.. It was nice.. Today was Stake Conference and since I am still new to town, I didn't go =(.. Yes, I was bad and I slept in.. If felt so nice since I have been working SO much and haven't been feeling good.. I do feel better though, just not great yet..

There are only 3 of us that work at Managhans.. Well, one of them just gave her 2 weeks notice.. She is the one that always works the day shift.. I am not going to complain, because now I can work more during the day and get to see the kids more.. I hated not being with them hardly at all last week.. I do the schedule, so I will make it more convenient for the family.. I am still trying to figure out what days to give the other girls off.. I want sundays off for sure, but the other girl usually has sunday and mondays.. I need 2 girls to work tuesday and friday nights because it is busier.. The new girl starts next week.. I don't know how to split it up so we can have 2 days off in a row.. To have sunday off for me is going to be hard if I don't want to split up days off.. I guess I better figure it out though..

Lee got a calling today.. He was called to be the 2nd counselor in the Elders Quorum Presidency.. Should be good for him..

Monday, October 20, 2008


So I started my job and guess what?? I am SICK.. Horribly sick.. I have a BAD cold.. My head hurts, my nose is stuffy, my body is weak, having problems breathing, fever, cold chills, stomach ache, throat hurts.. Why couldn't I get this BEFORE I started my job?? Bleh!! I do seem to feel a LOT worse when I am sitting at home trying to sleep though.. I can't breathe well so I am having a hard time sleeping.. I didn't notice it as much while I was at work..
So I skipped church (too sick) =( and had to work tonight.. But now I will be doing the schedule and I will be giving myself Sundays off.. I am excited about this.. =) I guess I gotta be fair, but I don't think the others care if they work Sunday or not..
So I work 6 days in a row and on Thursday I get my first day off.. I can't call out cause I am sick, because I am the ONLY person there at that time.. There are only 3 people that work there.. Craziness.. My wonderful husband went to walmart to get me some medicine, so hopefully I will feel better tomorrow..

Friday, October 17, 2008


So I am thinking of getting mine and Olivia's hair cut.. Olivia has been wanting a haircut since she was 4 (she is almost 7 now) and I just couldn't do it.. Her hair is almost down to her butt now.. She has such beautiful hair.. But of course, it is her hair and not mine and if she wants it cut, I guess I shouldn't make that choice for her.. My hair is halfway down my back and needs to be cut badly.. It looks so unhealthy.. I want my hair long, but it needs a good cut.. So I was thinking that maybe Olivia and I can get our hair cut and donate it to locks of love together.. She would get her way and her beautiful hair would go to a good cause.. I will have to take before and after pictures when we do it..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I got a job...

It has been so nice not working since we left North Carolina.. I quit my job in July..

Well, I got a call today to talk to an owner at a restaurant.. I went to speak with him and he gave me the option between 3 restaurants that he owned.. One would be more money because it is a busier place, another would maybe be $80 in tips a night, and the last would be a manager position and I will be serving at times also.. He said I get paid more an hour with the manager position, but make less because I won't be making as much in tips since I won't be serving all the time.. He had 3 girls coming in and because I got there first, he let me pick first.. I accepted the manager position.. I realize it was less money, but I do not want to stay in a restaurant/bar for the rest of my life and I know that putting a manager job on my resume would help me to expand a little more.. He also said that I will be doing the schedule ; ) so I will be giving myself Sunday off.. The downfall of this job is I will be working when the kids get out of school.. When will I see them?? When will I get to read to them?? I feel like I will be neglecting them.. Maybe not though.. I don't know the time I will be working yet.. I go in Thursday to learn about the job more and to see if I will like it.. Wish me luck..

Friday, October 10, 2008

LOL!! I am a dumby..

So I was trying to figure out why when I typed in it took me to someone that was not me's page.. Well, I figured out why.. Mine is Notice something missing?? Yes, I misspelled my OWN name so my address is WRONG.. Obviously the other one would have been taken, but I would have added a 2 in it (2 kids) if I had known.. Now I am stuck with my misspelled name.. What a dork!!

Oh yeah!!

I didn't get that job.. Either way, if they offered it to me, I would have turned them down anyways.. Things are well though.. I still need to find a job.. Lee works at night at the moment, but he interviewed for another job the other day.. If he gets this job, he will be working during the day and be making $5 more an hour.. That would be great.. The only problem is, we will loose our insurance.. Kaleb needs glasses and since we somehow misplaced my contacts during the move to Oregon from North Carolina I need more contacts.. I am SO tired of wearing these glasses.. I haven't worn glasses for more than a day since I was 12 yo..

Kaleb is SUCH a smart boy.. He is doing 4th grade math (in 3rd grade) and joined the Battle of the Books club.. They made in captain.. I am glad he got the brains that I seem to be missing =P.. He turned 8 in August and we finally started going over the missionary discussions with him.. He will do his 3rd discussion on wed.. He knows a lot more about the gospel than I thought he did.. We keep telling him to pray about the Book of Mormon, but he says that he already knows it is true.. I hope he means that and not says it just because he knows that I have a testimony of the gospel.. We don't want him to just jump in and not know or understand the meaning of baptism and the Atonement.. He acts ready though..

Olivia is doing good in school also.. She is doing really well with her reading.. She has always LOVED books though.. She may be like me on reading.. I LOVE to read also.. I help the kids teachers out on Fridays and Olivia's teacher said that Olivia was one of the only kids that behaves and listens.. She said she gets mad at the other kids, because they disrupt kids like Olivia who come to learn.. LOL!! This surprised me.. Olivia has been known to be the chatter box and not listen.. I was impressed..

Lee's sister is driving up from Cali to visit us tonight.. We are excited.. We love Aunt Becca.. =)

So here is a scrablog I made for my mom.. Her and her fiance Larry at the Washington DC Temple..

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Job interview..

So I had my job interview today.. I think I answered all the questions really well.. I don't think I am going to take the job though even if they offer it to me.. I told them about church and they said that either shift that I will work wouldn't be during church hours.. They said it could take me up to 2 years to have sundays off.. I cannot and will not miss church that long.. Hmmm, crappy job at a casino or my eternal salvation.. I think I know my choice.. I know that Lee wants me to get a job, but I just can't give up church.. I asked him what I should do and he told me that it is up to me.. If it is up to me, I will not take it.. I don't know what I should do.. Well I guess I do know what I should do.. GRRRRRRRRR!!

When my family lived in Utah my parents were active in the church.. We moved to North Carolina (when I was 4) and both of my parents started working on the weekends.. They became innactive and everything went downhill from there.. I wish so much that I could have went to primary and been more active during young womens.. I didn't get that and I will not do that to my kids.. I guess that is my answer =).. Hopefully they just won't call me back.. =)