Sunday, February 22, 2009

Olivia got her hair cut again...

Since Olivia had a hard time keeping her hair looking nice we decided to chop it off.. She loves it.. She was so excited when we told her we would let her cut it.. She has wanted it this short for 2 years.. Now she can brush her own hair and I don't have to deal with her screaming when I am trying to get tangles out of it.. I was worried, but it is pretty darn cute..

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Since I didn't update on the house that I thought was perfect for us, I guess I should do that now.. That house already had an offer (it was a great price so it went fast).. I was bummed.. We looked at many other houses but just didn't feel right about them.. A few we thought we could see ourselves there, but it just wasn't right..

One day after leaving church, we saw a house for sale (it is practically across the street from our church).. We talked to our agents and they looked it up for us.. So about a week ago, we went to look at it.. As soon as I walked in the door to this house I just knew.. I knew it was our house.. So I looked around.. We were only going for 3 bedroom, but this house had 4 bedrooms.. It has 2 bathrooms, and the most beautiful kitchen that I have EVER seen in a home.. I wanted this house.. So did Lee.. So did the kids.. We all felt right about it.. We told them we wanted to make an offer.. So we did.. Right after we made an offer, someone else decided to make an offer also.. Since we did first, we were able to change our offer.. We added $7,000 to the original offer.. Then it was time to wait.. We had to wait to see what offer would be accepted.. We had no idea what the other people offered.. Lee told me not to get my hopes up (which I did).. Guess what?? I am assuming that you already guessed because of the title.. =) YEP!! It is going to be ours.. They can not withdraw.. We can, but they can't.. It is ours.. Then again, I knew it would be as soon as I walked in anyways.. I am SO excited.. Unfortunately we have to wait for the closing date before we get the key and get to move in.. But near the end of next month, we will be moving into our new home.. My first real home (not counting the house I grew up in).. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? I couldn't be any happier..

Not to mention starting next week, I will be getting 3 days off of work (fri, sat, and sun) because of my new awesome idea of the work schedule.. I will have to pull a 13 hour shift on wed, but who cares, I will get 3 days off.. =) Life couldn't get much better.. Well I could find a better job, but for now life is AWESOME..

I will post pictures as soon as I get to take some.. I am drooling over my soon to be kitchen.. WOW!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

House Hunting

Yes!! Lee and I went house hunting today.. We are going to buy our first house.. You have NO idea how unbelievably excited I am about this.. Our real estate agent took us to 6 houses today.. A few were ok, and a few were good, but there was one that was PERFECT for us.. Ok, it had the ugliest green carpet upstairs, but it was PERFECT.. It is exactly what we want.. So we made an offer.. The price for this house seemed way cheap for how huge it was.. It is 2 story.. There are 3 rooms upstairs and the downstairs needs work done to it.. It hasn't been completed but we can make a theater room in the downstairs and even add a few more rooms if we wanted to.. The yard is HUGE.. The house is HUGE.. Did I say that it is PERFECT?? I swear if we don't get this house I am going to cry.. I am in love with it already.. It has a built in garage, a shed for outside and another section of the house that is not connected that can be made into a play room.. Seriously though, the house is only 170,000 and after we have lived in it and finished the work that was already started in the extra space and the downstairs, this house will go for 250,000 or more I am sure.. Either way, I could live in this house for the rest of my life.. It is beautiful and PERFECT.. I can't wait to go and look at it again.. I needed to take pictures.. I will definitely have to get rid of that 70's green carpet though.. LOL!! It was hideous.. =P

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Been awhile..

Hmm, it has been a while since I updated.. The time went by kinda fast.. I got sucked into some awesome books and didn't even touch my computer.. I have been really busy lately.. I seem to work ALL the time.. I really need a vacation.. When I am not at work, I seem to be reading or spending time with the kids.. I almost forgot that I even had a blog.. *sigh* I never put any Christmas pictures or anything up.. I am such a slackard.. I will get better.. I swear.. =)