Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dress and matching headband giveaway...

No, not me, I'm not giving it away, but if you go here, you will be able to join in on this awesome giveaway, too.
Honestly, I'm posting this on my blog for an extra enty! The dress is that beautiful! If you have a girl, come on over and try to win, too. I mean, just look at it! What girl wouldn't look absolutely stunning in this dress?!

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Burns Baby - Boy or Girl?!?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Surprise!! I'm pregnant...

OK, so if you know me then you already knew this. At least, I hope you did, because as of yesterday I'm 19 weeks along. Yep, it seems my slacking on writing on my blog has went as far as me not even sharing the good news. So I'll do so now, not that anyone really reads my blog, anyway - since it's been inactive for the most part.

I had the big ultrasound a few days ago and it's a................... monkey. Yep, that's all I'm telling you, for now. Lee decided a while back that we weren't going to find out what we were having, but we decided the day before the ultrasound that we were both too practical not to find out what it was. I mean, we have NOTHING baby wise, so we need to start completely over and it will be good to know what to buy, and what colors. I'm not a fan of yellows, really. So now we know the colors and things and I'm stoked. I feel bad because I was secretly hoping for the opposite sex than what I'm getting, but I am NOT disappointed, at all. I'm definitely excited.

So, the reason why I'm not sharing just yet is because Lee banned me from doing so. He is making something so we can share what it is and I need to be patient with it. I should be able to post it in a few days.

The ultrasound, as far as I know, went well. Baby is measuring around 10 oz, bigger than the 8 and 1/2 babycenter said it should be, and was moving around like crazy. Silly baby! While the baby was cooperative, I was not. Apparently, I was having a Braxton Hicks contraction and she couldn't measure the cervix. She came back every 5 minutes to see if it relaxed, but it took 20 minutes. She was patient. She said that she wasn't aloud to tell me anything and my doctor would call me. I figure since I haven't heard anything, yet, things must be looking good. I'm crossing my fingers that that's the case.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

One of those days...

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up and just know you're going to have a bad day? Of course you have... Everyone has been there. And you're usually right, correct?

Yep, I was. It's only 11:10 am and my day already sucks. Not only that, it progressively keeps proving my assessment this morning to be correct. I even said an extra long prayer this morning, hoping to refrain from such a bad day, but, I suppose, it was my time.

That's OK, I probably needed and deserved it. It's making me want to bring out my creativity and bury myself into writing. That's something that I really need to do, anyway. I really need to finish the book I've been working on because I already know what the next book is going to be about, and it's exciting. I really want to start writing it, but, come on, if I can't finish my very first novel, how am I ever going to finish another one?

I'm just not feeling Demon in the Knight at the moment, though. Ugh! I have people waiting for new chapters and I haven't done anything about it for awhile. It's just sitting there, 3/4 of the way finished, stuck. Poor Liam and Paige have been stuck in that school, hiding from the bad guys for nearly two months now, and I continue to leave them there. I suppose it's time for a new chapter so they can, at the very least, get out of the school and figure out their next move. Maybe because of my bad day, and my need to be left alone, I can help them along.

Yeah, that's what I'll do... Yay for bad days!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm such a doofus....

So... Lee gets packages often. I NEVER open his packages. EVER!! And it's not even that he cares if I open his packages, I just never do. Fedex just stopped by and left a package from Amazon for him. I was like, 'Wha?? He don't buy things from Amazon. I'm opening this one.' Of course, totally forgot that my b-day is in two days...

I feel SOOOOO bad. I saw my present and he's not even home for him to see the pure shock and excitement on my face. This man would get so annoyed at me for even mentioning that I wanted a Kindle. He said that it was just a way to neglect my family with more books. Now I get why he said that, to keep me from ever thinking he would ever get me one. OMGosh!!! My present is a KINDLE!!! I'm so flippen excited. Now I have to tell him that I opened and saw my present. Not only that, I have to wait, very impatiently, for two days to play with it. I'm seriously wanting to squeal like a little girl at Christmas.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Working Out!!!

I'm trying to work out. Not that I need to lose weight, but so I can be in better shape. Honestly, I don't know why I don't way 50lbs more than I do now, because I am lazy.

I bought a week pass for the gym in town, and love it, but the hubby hates wasting money when I can run outside and watch workout videos at home; so, I'm afraid, the week is all I'm going to get there. Meh, that's ok. I have added mp3 audio books to my blackberry for entertainment as I workout. That was one of my problems, not being able to put down a book to work out. I would much rather be reading. This is the perfect substitute.

The only problem with working out it the fact that I get horrible migraine's, it seems, when I do. Nearly everytime I have a good run, my head feels as if it's going to explode. Why is that?

Today, after working out, I felt as if I were drunk. I was so dizzy, and everything was a fog. It was really weird. I honestly thought I was going to pass out. Never felt that way after a workout before. Meh, I'm all good and plan on doing it again tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Someone let the crazies out.

I'll say it again, I seriously need a new job...

Crazy: "Hey, you!"

Me: "Yeah?"... See More

Crazy: "You're a cute and sweet girl..."

Me: "Umm... ok?"

Crazy: "I wanted to letcha know that I'm going to make a statement for you and your generation.

Me: "And what's that?"

Crazy: "I'm going to jail."

Me: "Uhhh, OK... I'm sorry?"

Crazy: "I'm goin' to rob a bank so this joke of a government will take me to jail. I've already called them and told them I'm goin' to rob a bank and shoot me some idiot cops. They told me they won't take me to jail until I do try it, though. I sent them my picture. They said they'll send it to the banks to let them know to watch out for me."

Me: "Uhhh... Okaaaaay..."

Crazy: "I'm doin this for you and your freedom."

Me: "How exactly do you robbing a bank have anything to do with my freedom? That's ridiculous."

Crazy: "Cause I'm making a statement to the government that they're a joke. They already told me that I can't smoke in a bar. See, they took your freedom, too, by not allowin' us to smoke."

Me: "Actually, they're making sure that I live longer and stay healthier by taking out the smoking in a bar. I don't have to sit here and smell other people's smoking while I work. I'm glad they did that."

Crazy: "That's what they say because that's what they want you to believe. See... They've already brainwashed ya. I have to do this."

Me: "Umm... No, that's how I feel and that's what I believe. I'm a free thinker and I enjoy not breathing in smoke."

Crazy: "Well... They steal from ya by taxin' you on everything."

Me: "That's just a part of life. Something we've got to deal with."

Crazy: "Well, I'm done. I'm going to be put in jail so I can show them that I'm done with them trying to support me with social security and then steal from me. They won't be gettin' anything from me and I don't need them. That's why I must prove this by going to jail."

Me: "Actually, if you're in jail, they'll be supporting you and you'll have to do exactly what they tell you to. How does this prove yours or my freedom, exactly?

Crazy: raises voice, "I won't be doing nothin' they say. They can lock me up in confinement, because I won't do nothin'."

Me: "Well, I think that's just ridiculous. If you go to jail, you're giving up your freedom."

Crazy: "I'm giving up my freedom for you. You won't think it's ridiculous some day. You're too young to get it. When you're older, you'll get it, and you'll be grateful."

Me: "Riiiiight..."

Crazy: "Well, when you see my name in the paper for robbin', you'll know that I did this for your freedom."

Me: "...and that makes absolutely no sense."

Crazy: "Cause you're too young for it to make any sense. That's why I came in tonight, to see if I should do it here in the next few days, but I respect you and the owner (he talked to Danny, the owner, too) and I'll find somewhere else."

Me: speachless

Crazy: parting remarks, "Just remember it was for you and your generation. You'll wish you could thank me some day."

Me: "Riiiight. See you later." relief

Crazy: laugh "Only in the paper, and you'll remember me."

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sad news...

Hannah, my best friend for the past 23 years, has been through so much. It amazes me how strong that woman is. She lost her mother, who was an amazing woman, just a few years ago. She still has a hard time with it. She recently divorced and his now raising two young kids on her own. Now, her older brother just found out that he has a brain tumor. He's only 32/33. He's too young for this. Hannah has three older brothers, and of them all, this one, Jason, was always my favorite. He was always so nice to me growing up. He has so much going for him. He has traveled the world, spent time in the army, modeled in LA, and so many more things. Hannah and I, several years ago with 3 young kids, even drove all the way across the country, from NC to Cali, just to visit him and his amazing new home.

Now, he's sick and isn't getting any better. They want to perform surgery on him, but he has no insurance and is short $10,000. Hannah and her brothers are trying to save money, collect money, accept donations, so that Jason can go through with this surgery and be able to go back home to NC and spend time with his family while he goes through this horror.

Keep them in your prayers and thoughts,even if you don't know them. That family has been through so much in such a short time and this just tops it. They are all struggling through these trials.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm so bad...

It has been FOREVER since I have posted on here. I know, I am so slack. I'm going to try to be better. I also have a blog for my books that I read. If anyone is interested, it is

Anyway, family life is great. I'm still working at the bar, but hope to eventually get out of there, still. Someday... The kids are growing up fast - too fast. Lee has an awesome job in Portland that he loves. Anyway, I gotta go and mess with my book blog and figure out how to work it out.

Good day to everyone, if anyone is still around. =)