Friday, November 14, 2008

Want to fast with us??

This is not a debate..
We all know that I am LDS (mormon).. Well, my church is being attacked hardcore.. It is sad.. People are crowding the LDS Temples (the most sacred places on earth) with signs of hatrid and vandalizing church buildings.. People are sending white powdered envelopes to the temples to scare innocent people.. People are sending hate mail to the president of the church.. People are yelling and and pointing fingers.. Homes are getting attacked and vandalized.. I know of people that have gotten attacked while getting gas.. Members everywhere are getting cussed at and yelled at.. People are threatening to burn down our temples and churches.. Many people have lost friends over this.. I know that many feel that the church deserves this, but I personally think it is unfair to single us out..

Thank goodness I do not live in California.. I would have had a REALLY hard time voting for prop 8 (ban on same sex marriage).. I do not care at all about same sex couples getting married.. I am happy to see any people who are in love be joined together.. I have many friends (even on here) who are gay.. I hope that no one judges me.. I love you all and do not care in the slightest about your sexual prefences..

That being said if ANY of you REALLY know me, than you know that I have a STRONG testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.. I believe WHOLE HEARTEDLY that Jesus Christ restored his church to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith.. I KNOW that I have a Heavenly Father that loves me and EVERYONE else on this earth.. I KNOW that we are ALL brothers and sisters and were sent to this earth to recieve a body.. I KNOW that Thomas S Monson is a TRUE prophet of God and he recieves revelation for our day.. I will follow the Lords Councel.. I KNOW that all of these things are TRUE and I can not and will not deny my faith and my Father in Heaven..

To see everything that is going on is just so sad to me.. Yes, the prophet sent a letter about prop 8.. Yes, many members used their own money for ads on yes for prop 8.. It was NOT the churches money, it was the members money.. If it was so important that God wanted the members to vote yes on prop 8 than of course members of the church were going to do what God asked them to do.. They did not do this because they hate, they did this because of their honest belief and their faith in God.. All members that I haved talked to said that they feel the same as me.. They feel that they do not care if people are gay.. They do not judge.. It does not change who they are at all.. They respect others choices as do I.. There was a lot more to it than that though.. Members of the church just did not want to change the definition of marriage and were warned of the outcome if it didn't pass.. Latter-Day Saints are BIG on the sanctity of marriage and family..

Anyways, I feel that I am defending myself (I didn't even vote, I live in Oregon) and the church that I believe in..

I guess my point is, why are the LDS being blamed for it passing?? I understand all the money from the members, but there were more than just LDS that voted.. Even if all the LDS people voted no it would have still passed.. We do not take up half the population of California.. Shoot we only take up a small percentage.. We are being blamed and worldwide we are being attack..
So a few friends and I decided that we are going to fast and try to get anyone else who would like to fast with us.. A fast for the saints to be strong, the temples and church buildings to be protected, and those who are angry to have their hearts softened and bring them comfort. We understand that they are hurt and angry.. A fast for peace and tolerance and for the saints to stand strong during this trial. To let our lights so shine before men.

The fast date will be on Saturday, November 22nd..
ETA: It will be tomorrow instead... We feel is to be more appropriate with tomorrows events..

There are several more protest groups planning on going to more temples worldwide this weekend.. Pray that everyone stays calm and are well protected..


Julie said...

I saw that there was an official statement on this from the first presidency. I linked to it on my blog, here that is if you're interested -

Oh, BTW, I live in Oregon too--the Beaverton area.

KristinNB said...
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KristinNB said...

That is SO true.. Doing this in a spiritual way is way better.. Thanks for sharing.. =)

I will have to figure out where Beaverton is.. I am still new to Oregon.. Are we close?? I am in Dallas (close to Salem)..