Saturday, November 15, 2008

I am sleepy..

There are some awesome things about being the manager of a job, but there are some bad things also.. We just hired a new girl a week and a half ago.. She was short around $30 3 times.. She didn't really work.. You work by yourself at this place, so it is important to remember to do everything when you open or when you close the bar.. She forgot to turn the hood fan on is the morning which made it smokey because of the grill.. She forgot to turn off half the neon lights when she left.. One time on her till she counted her money wrong.. She wrote that she had $225 in 5 $ bills.. She had $215 and she said $3 in coins, but she had $5.. She just didn't care.. She hurried and did a half *** job in everything.. So yesterday she came in with her boyfriend to shoot some pool and drink some beer.. Fine and dandy but she was scheduled to work in 2 hours.. You can't come in and drink right before your shift.. Not only that, but the day before she was supposed to work at the other bar and didn't show up, didn't call, nothing.. So Javier (half honor) came in to bring me stuff and saw her drinking.. He fired her right then and brought me a new girl that had started that day.. So guess what?? I have to go in tonight and train the new girl.. Meaning I only get 1 day off this week because today was supposed to be my day off.. *Sigh* Oh well..

The Bishop is coming over soon to talk to us.. Not sure what about.. Probably just wants to get to know us better.. Lee already has a calling.. I don't, but I am sure that he could have met me at church to give me a calling.. I guess I will find out when he gets here..

Last night our ward had a talent show.. It was AWESOME.. So many people were SO funny.. Kids got up there, people acting, and the Bishopric did a hilarious skit.. The bishop was being interviewed on what he does in the morning by one of the counselors and the other counselor was behind the bishop with a blanket on him.. So he used his arms like they were the bishops.. It was SO funny.. The bishop got toothpaste all over him, shaving cream everyone, and cereal and milk poured on top of him.. SO FUNNY!! Anyways, Lee wrote a song about the atonement and played his guitar and sang the song.. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing.. His song was SO powerful.. Half the room stood up after he was done clapping and screaming.. He has such a powerful voice and the spirit was there in his song.. I have such a talented husband.. He is truly amazing.. He said that he wrote the song last week and asked Heavenly Father for a little help.. He said after that the words just poured out onto the paper.. AMAZING!!!!!! I wish I recorded it.. Someone did thought..