Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Job interview..

So I had my job interview today.. I think I answered all the questions really well.. I don't think I am going to take the job though even if they offer it to me.. I told them about church and they said that either shift that I will work wouldn't be during church hours.. They said it could take me up to 2 years to have sundays off.. I cannot and will not miss church that long.. Hmmm, crappy job at a casino or my eternal salvation.. I think I know my choice.. I know that Lee wants me to get a job, but I just can't give up church.. I asked him what I should do and he told me that it is up to me.. If it is up to me, I will not take it.. I don't know what I should do.. Well I guess I do know what I should do.. GRRRRRRRRR!!

When my family lived in Utah my parents were active in the church.. We moved to North Carolina (when I was 4) and both of my parents started working on the weekends.. They became innactive and everything went downhill from there.. I wish so much that I could have went to primary and been more active during young womens.. I didn't get that and I will not do that to my kids.. I guess that is my answer =).. Hopefully they just won't call me back.. =)


Daniel and Tiffany Ward said...

It's so important to keep the Sabbath Day holy. Not to be preach but... in the bible dictionary under sabbath it talks about how leniancy of the observation of the Sabbath is the one of the first signs of falling away from the gospel of Jesus Christ. You should read it, also while you're at it prayer and miracles are great inserts of the Bible Dictionary too.

KristinNB said...

Thanks.. I needed that.. A part of me almost felt like I should take it for the money, but after seriously thinking about it, there is absolutely no way that I could or want to take this job.. Things will work out, I just need to wait for the right job.. Hopefully it won't take too long..