Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh yeah!!

I didn't get that job.. Either way, if they offered it to me, I would have turned them down anyways.. Things are well though.. I still need to find a job.. Lee works at night at the moment, but he interviewed for another job the other day.. If he gets this job, he will be working during the day and be making $5 more an hour.. That would be great.. The only problem is, we will loose our insurance.. Kaleb needs glasses and since we somehow misplaced my contacts during the move to Oregon from North Carolina I need more contacts.. I am SO tired of wearing these glasses.. I haven't worn glasses for more than a day since I was 12 yo..

Kaleb is SUCH a smart boy.. He is doing 4th grade math (in 3rd grade) and joined the Battle of the Books club.. They made in captain.. I am glad he got the brains that I seem to be missing =P.. He turned 8 in August and we finally started going over the missionary discussions with him.. He will do his 3rd discussion on wed.. He knows a lot more about the gospel than I thought he did.. We keep telling him to pray about the Book of Mormon, but he says that he already knows it is true.. I hope he means that and not says it just because he knows that I have a testimony of the gospel.. We don't want him to just jump in and not know or understand the meaning of baptism and the Atonement.. He acts ready though..

Olivia is doing good in school also.. She is doing really well with her reading.. She has always LOVED books though.. She may be like me on reading.. I LOVE to read also.. I help the kids teachers out on Fridays and Olivia's teacher said that Olivia was one of the only kids that behaves and listens.. She said she gets mad at the other kids, because they disrupt kids like Olivia who come to learn.. LOL!! This surprised me.. Olivia has been known to be the chatter box and not listen.. I was impressed..

Lee's sister is driving up from Cali to visit us tonight.. We are excited.. We love Aunt Becca.. =)

So here is a scrablog I made for my mom.. Her and her fiance Larry at the Washington DC Temple..