Monday, October 20, 2008


So I started my job and guess what?? I am SICK.. Horribly sick.. I have a BAD cold.. My head hurts, my nose is stuffy, my body is weak, having problems breathing, fever, cold chills, stomach ache, throat hurts.. Why couldn't I get this BEFORE I started my job?? Bleh!! I do seem to feel a LOT worse when I am sitting at home trying to sleep though.. I can't breathe well so I am having a hard time sleeping.. I didn't notice it as much while I was at work..
So I skipped church (too sick) =( and had to work tonight.. But now I will be doing the schedule and I will be giving myself Sundays off.. I am excited about this.. =) I guess I gotta be fair, but I don't think the others care if they work Sunday or not..
So I work 6 days in a row and on Thursday I get my first day off.. I can't call out cause I am sick, because I am the ONLY person there at that time.. There are only 3 people that work there.. Craziness.. My wonderful husband went to walmart to get me some medicine, so hopefully I will feel better tomorrow..


Cindi said...

MAN! That's the worst time to get sick! Figures, right? Hopefully the medicine your dh got for you helped! I hope you feel better. Do you like your job so far?

KristinNB said...
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Beth said...

Yuck. But I've found your post five days after it was written; hope you're feeling better by now!