Sunday, October 26, 2008

My day off..

Yay!! I had a day off of work.. It was nice.. Today was Stake Conference and since I am still new to town, I didn't go =(.. Yes, I was bad and I slept in.. If felt so nice since I have been working SO much and haven't been feeling good.. I do feel better though, just not great yet..

There are only 3 of us that work at Managhans.. Well, one of them just gave her 2 weeks notice.. She is the one that always works the day shift.. I am not going to complain, because now I can work more during the day and get to see the kids more.. I hated not being with them hardly at all last week.. I do the schedule, so I will make it more convenient for the family.. I am still trying to figure out what days to give the other girls off.. I want sundays off for sure, but the other girl usually has sunday and mondays.. I need 2 girls to work tuesday and friday nights because it is busier.. The new girl starts next week.. I don't know how to split it up so we can have 2 days off in a row.. To have sunday off for me is going to be hard if I don't want to split up days off.. I guess I better figure it out though..

Lee got a calling today.. He was called to be the 2nd counselor in the Elders Quorum Presidency.. Should be good for him..


Cindi said...

Sounds like the day girl quitting is a blessing in disguise. Good luck working the schedule out! :D