Friday, October 31, 2008

All about Kaleb..

I rarely get a decent picture of Kaleb.. He hates getting his picture taken.. I thought this one was cute though.. He has such beautiful eyes.. His eyes are a dark blue and he has LONG black eyelashes..
Kaleb is SO smart.. In 1st grade Kaleb got first place out of ALL the 1st graders (3 classes) in the spelling bee.. In 2nd grade (out of 3 classes) he got 2nd place in the math competition (they gave him a shirt with his name on it).. Now in 3rd grade, he is in advanced reading and math.. He is captain of the battle of the books team and is bringing home 4th grade math that I am having trouble with (I need to go back to school).. It amazes me on how smart this kid is.. Not only is he extremely smart he is honestly a GOOD kid and person.. He strives to choose the right.. He rarely gets in trouble (occasional forgetting to close his mouth when he eats).. He is so caring and sensitive.. You have to be careful with him.. His feelings can get hurt easily.. I honestly believe he is going to make it far in life.. I honestly believe that he will go on a mission and that he will help many people.. He is truelly the best son I could have ever even thought to have.. I am lucky to be is mommy.. =)


Cindi said...

Awwwwwwww! What a sweet tribute to your smart, handsome, kind-hearted son!

Daniel and Tiffany Ward said...

We love you Kaleb!