Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My poor camera..

I browse around on other blogs and I get jealous.. They always have awesome pictures of their kids and family and my blog seems so dull and boring.. I got a REALLY nice camera for $400 (way cheap for this camera) from someone a few years ago.. I bought it because I was flying out to Utah to see my grandpa and see the scenery of the state I was born in.. It had been 10 years since my last visit.. I barely remember much about Utah because I was 4 when we moved to NC and I had only visited a few times.. Well before I even made it to Utah I was running to catch a plane (that I missed) and hit my brand new camera on a chair.. It broke.. Just a small piece of it though.. So I can take pictures, but I can't view the pictures that I take.. I can't change the scenery, whether it be person, landscape, fast motion, video etc... I can't view the pictures to delete the bad ones.. It is a pain.. I hardly bother with my camera because of this, but it still works nicely and I am sure that if I found the right place, I could get it fixed.. I guess I should stop being irritated with it and stop complaining about it and just take some darn pictures to put on my blog.. I just wish it worked the way it should.. It is SO nice.. I can't believe I broke it before I even got to play around with it.. It has so many NICE features that I can't even use.. *sigh*


Cindi said...

That's SUCH a bummer! :( Take and post pictures anyway! ;)

Sheryl said...

My pictures are crummy too because of my very crummy camera but oh well. So go ahead and post your pictures anyway - no one really says they look bad if they are a little blurry.